Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the itch you can always scratch.

do yourself a favor
invest in a vibrator.

TLC - Red Light Special - TLC

Thursday, June 25, 2009

you always had my <3

"Lie in the darkness, I'm slowly drowned to sleep
With nothing left to lose."

Creaming my 8th grade panties, for you.

where were you when pop died?

Rock With You - Michael Jackson

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


you would only know how much i want you,
if you ate my brain.
but then i would be dead.

you would forget about me
and move on to the next brain.

zombie marriage.

if a world pandemic broke out, and you became a zombie
would you let me survive? or
would you eat me? or
would you make me zombie? or
would you even remember me?

if a world pandemic broke out, and i became a zombie
i would let you survive. but
i would probably snack on your ear. but
i would leave your face in tact.
i would want to remember your face.

if a world pandemic broke out, and we became zombies
we could build a house. next to
a preschool. and snack

zombie luv, it exists.

even though we can never live together
(because you aren't alive)
even though we will never share a meal
(because you only eat people)
we could be so happy.
even if its only till u get hungry
and eat me too.

even though u are dead
even though u eat flesh
even though half of your face is paralyzed
you can be so sexy.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


uppers, downers..
xanax? adderall?
i can't decide which you are on.

i like you best when you are drunk and on..coke?
you are talkative,
and sweet.

if you are too calm i feel uncomfortable
when it is xanax? valium?
you boar me.


I fell in luv with your last.fm
Thought maybe you should know
You have impeccable taste.

I fell in luv with your last.fm
You are pretty pretentious
And I like it.

I fell in luv with your last.fm
Leaving you a shout would be
A big step for me.

I fell in luv with your last.fm
Currently: Pretending that you have been to mine
And saw our level of compatibility..

it's "very high."


Can u except my imperialist skin?
The privilege of my colorless complexion..
Look past the greed of my race?
Despite our colors..
I wanna make race relations with you.

Can u desire my straight hips, my thin lips?
The privilege of my sex
My trembling hands, my pink cunt?
Despite my naivety..
I wanna make race relations with you.

Can you close the gap between us?
The years are seemingly meaningless compared to that of our experiences..
Which gap should we conquer first?
Despite our differences...
I wanna have great relations with you.


lurking will be the death of me.
it was forced attraction, and awkward
desperate, super desperate.

lurking will be the death of me
it was a bit obsessive and very awkward
desperate, way way desperate.

my lurking will be
the death of you. srsly awkward.
now. i am stoned. and now. i feel too awkward
to continue this.