Monday, December 28, 2009

curb, irl

today i was walking down haight. a man stopped and was looking at me. i looked back, challenging his stare. he opened his mouth and said..


my eyes rolled.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


you will never be able to get your virginity back, BUT you can buy a really nice pair of underwear and "save it" for the "right" guy.

Friday, December 25, 2009

so this is the neeeew yeeeaaarrrrrr, kinda

it's xmas, and all i can think about is putting together my new years resolutions!!

i have a running list, here are a few i can remember at the moment

don't crack my knuckles in's kind of unattractive, and gross.

stop smoking ciggies all's also kind of unattractive, and gross.

treat myself to nice long manicured acrylics every week and a half, and a pedi every month..just bc i luv em.

never ever ever ever go to bed with makeup matter HOW drunk!

stop pulling my eyelid when i apply liquid eyeliner

never text someone else while in mid-conversation, it is tacky and rude and classless.

basically just not to look at my phone when i am hanging out with friends. you should give your attention to the people you are with, srsly we arn't 13 isn't cool to be pre-occupied with your phone 24/7.

last one, and this one is important:

stop getting SO defensive in arguments with people. remain calm, even if they get defensive. no one ever listens to a person who is red in the face.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

fb chats with the ultimate ID..iot.

i need a nose job
I need a fat job
I could be hot
if I just like
but I'm not

god will u fucking stop intruding on my self loathing sesh
u know u think u are hot

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

i want privacy!i want to start being secretive! why do i have to tell everyone EVERYTHING..i don't get my openness.

maybs the last small blog entries could have been better fitted for tweeting, but i hate to twat and probs will never get into it.
i am fine with everything. it was weird, and new. it was a notch. i can't even be really annoyed, just amused.

Monday, December 21, 2009

per se

can we hang out
a lot
and be goth
at the mall
I want a four loko

me too
at all
those things
too bad i dont like smoking cigs
that is real goth

but i do drink coffee
u are just a vampire douche

so waht
i'm going to start making things happen, just wait and see :]

Saturday, December 19, 2009

chocoooollalaaatatatataeeeeee shrroooo00o0oo0mmmsssss taassteeeeee gewd.
today i had this uncontrollable wave of anxiety come over was weird, it made me feel bad. i got scared.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

i love having little moments with people that don't mean anything in particular, but just make u happy to be able to experience relationships and people and possibilities..

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

the year 2009 and what I have learned..or something

6 things i thought of

1. u are the best..honestly, eff everyone else. they r just jealous. but rly..who is more likely to let you down, other people or yourself? i never let myself down, i just adapt to new standards :]

2. reality shows that are an hour long [exceptions include: bad girls club, real housewives of OC, ATL, NY, NJ] are TOO long. sorry but, i just cannot get behind jersey shore..IT'S TOO DAMN LONG..plz edit yourself to 1/2 an hour. plz take the *hint* -the ruins-. in fact -ruins-, please just cease existing.

3. twilight is rully gewd.

4. even if u think what u create isn't like, good enough, or something..put it out there. for every shitty thing u create, a million other people have made something shittier! and u never know, someone might actually like what u made.

5. if u want to learn a second language it has to be before you are 21 or else ur brain can no longer retain anything. NO!LONGER!RETAIN!

6. white people love the movie Precious..and my only logical reason as to why this is is because white people find abuse VERY VERY entertaining, especially if the abuse doesn't involve other white people.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

i love this song

Did I judge this wrong?/but you had it all/you had it all/a gift of the gods/in your city of gold/and you’ll piss it all/you had it all/and what drags the rope/you know, or, you don’t/you had it all/gonegonegonegone/goinggoinggone/the day you moved off/the whole village mourned/love’s no kind of joke/or something small/and where will you go?/there’s things you don’t know/fingers tearing your clothes/baby ungrown/you had it all/gonegonegonegone/goinggoinggone/and suffering alone/your bowl emptied out/all your secrets known/I welcome your call/these walls don’t fall.

wild beasts- empty nest

the vocals sounds straight out of phantom of the opera.
don't know why i like it.
to be honest, don't know why anyone likes it.
but i do, and people do..soo

Monday, December 7, 2009

remember when "..LITERALLY" was the greatest punch line of all time. it fit after any cray story as the most sarcastic abrasive ending..LITERALLY.
well, i had a dream that i got to talk to lady gaga..but i looked literally LIKE SHIT. it was really embarrassing, i was like tiny tim to her grandiose-well dressed-sparkly scrooge.

After her concert, she flew away on an umbrella in her "real-life" look..which was a man that looked similar to Andy Richter.